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20086Productive day @ museum

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 27, 2011
      We had around 15 visitors on our first day back open today. Nick Lordi also visited today.

      Meanwhile, Jeff B., Jeff J., and Matt all helped organize and move hardware and books from our fifth (current) museum room into our H-building storage area.

      This fifth room, which used to be devoted to NJ-centric computer companies, will become our second microcomputer room. Visitors are always asking where's this, where's that, re: all the popular micros that aren't in our first micro room. So now we will have a place for many of those (some full systems; others static + boxes and stuff.)

      Fred also gave us permission to use the SIXTH room in our hallway. That's great news! In that room we'll make a transitionary exhibit between micros vs. current technology. Laptops, handheld, Internet, iMac, etc.

      This will give us two new exhibits ahead of VCF. Lots more for people to see. Exciting stuff!
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