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20065Museum open again

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 25, 2011
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      Museum is re-opening this Sunday.

      According to Fred, the Wall Township building dept. said it takes three weeks to process paperwork for a "continued certificate of occupancy" but they gave verbal approval for building #9032 to re-open immediately.

      Next, InfoAge will focus on the telecom building. If it fails then Dan R.'s VCF workshop will be held in a truck stop out on the Parkway. (Just kidding ... everyone knows trucks aren't allowed on the Parkway.) :)

      There's absolutely no reason to believe the telecom building (and also the buildings down by the satellite dish) shouldn't be brought to code, inspected, and approved in the next month or so, long before VCF.

      PS - Technically, InfoAge nor its groups were breaking any laws in the past, because we had the town's verbal approval to use these buildings all along. It was only recently (after the nearby fire in government-owned land adjacent to InfoAge) that Wall and InfoAge figured we'd better get to a stricter standard. Probably a good thing!