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2005New Aquisition!

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  • Joe Giliberti
    Feb 2, 2006
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      The other night, I bid on a lot of 8 mixed computers on eBay. I won at a
      price of $1.76. I just picked them up. Post of them are old Pentium 1
      machines, but there were two machines that caught my eye. The first is
      an IBM PS/2 Model 80. It seems to be complete, and then some. Has a
      floppy drive, and some kind of cartidge tape drive. Has what looks like
      an old MFM hard drive inside. Additionally, there is a RAM expansion
      card, the HDD controller card, and some type of SCSI card, with a
      breakout box on connected with what looks like a Centronics cable. Just,
      can anyone tell me the basic specs? Is it a 286 or a 386? The other is
      an older Macintosh. A Preforma 575. It has a built in monitor and a
      CD-ROM drive, but I'm not sure if it would be considered vintage. It is
      not PowerPC era. I'm guessing from "575" that is is running at 75MHz,
      but that may not be the case. Meanwhile, I also have about 6 beigeboxes,
      one of which is an NEC server. Fun fun fun...

      Joe G
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