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2004Re: m0n0wall

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  • ysgdhio
    Jan 2, 2006
      On 1/2/06, Jim Scheef <jscheef@...> wrote:
      > Early Pentiums that use 72-pin SIMMs make excellent routers - just add two or
      > three NICs stir in M0n0wall, bake for 15 minutes and you have a very flexible
      > router.

      m0n0wall is great; I recommend it highly. You probably don't need all
      of those 15 minutes, unless you count putting the hardware together.

      I'm running mine off a compact flash "drive", but to try it out you
      only need a CDROM drive (for the m0n0wall software) and a floppy drive
      (to store your settings). The web interface is, in my humble opinion,
      better than what you get with most commercial router/firewall
      appliances. Did we mention that m0n0wall is free?
      More info at http://m0n0.ch/wall/

      Andy, a satisfied m0n0wall user.
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