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2002Re: Looking for things to do with SIMMs

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  • Kelly Leavitt
    Jan 2 10:29 AM
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Jim Scheef <jscheef@y...>
      > Richard,
      > It's an interesting idea and would/will be a terrific resource -
      > something that could induce people to become active members of
      > the organization/museum.

      That spare parts concept kinda describes my basement at the moment.
      If anyone needs any part for an older PC or Tandy computer, try
      emailing me to see if I have it. Unless I'm figuring on using the
      part for something, I would probably just give it away for postage.

      > PS - Everyone please note that I did not even mention the thought
      > about whether SIMMs of any kind are a 'vintage' part!
      Well, although some of the SIMMS would probably not be
      considered 'vintage', I have also seen a lot of projects to add
      memory to 'vintage' equipment using 30 and 72 pin SIMMS.

      I have a 16-bit ISA (or it may be VESA) ESDI controller that takes 30
      PIN simms (I think it has 16 slots). This is a two board set with an
      interconnecting bridge between the two cards.

      I'd consider that board vintage to at least some extent. This
      controller did striping, mirroring and cacheing under SCO and BSD
      linux on 386 and 486 computers quite a few years ago. Not your
      typical 486 IDE card here. It has a bar-graph LED that shows
      processor utilization (on the controller) that is real neat to watch
      under I/O load.

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