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1996Happy holidays

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  • Evan
    Dec 25, 2005
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      Hi all,

      ...Not sure if I'm the only Jew in this group, but happy holidays anyway!

      This year I received a Bluetooth GPS for my Treo (thanks mom and dad), a
      centerfielder (thank you Mr. Steinbrenner), and bought myself that Grid
      Compass 1101 on eBay (thank you clueless seller.)

      Club update: we still have some business to handle, such as writing bylaws
      and purchasing insurance, and I hope to get all that stuff done quickly.
      (I'm not working this week so there might actually be time to kill.)

      In 2006, the vast majority of our effort should be on preparing for VCF East
      3.0 and building our museum.

      Important date: Sat., April 1 is the official InfoAge "Site Transfer
      Ceremony"... I'm not clear on the exact details but it basically means the
      Pentagon is finally and officially handing over the place. (Or maybe it's
      that Wall Township is handing over the place?) Regardless, we're expected
      to be there with the same kind of mini-exhibits as we did for the dedication
      day back in August. There will probably be many of the same people
      attending from among the general public and InfoAge supporters, so let's try
      to bring different stuff this time.

      Another important date: Sat./Sun., April 22-23 is this year's Trenton show.
      Since this is so close to VCF, and since this year isn't a landmark event
      (vs. last year's 30th anniversary show), MARCH will simply have a table on
      the main show floor this year. We'll need a few people to staff the table
      each day. That way we'll have time to check out the show without leaving
      our table empty. Our agenda will be to market the heck out of our club,
      InfoAge, and specifically VCF. Maybe we can also run some kind of contest
      or giveaway... plenty of time to think about that however.

      And the biggest date of all: Sat., May 13 is VCF East 3.0. LOL, only Bill
      D. may be excused because Mrs. D. is due to have her baby around that time.
      Everyone else better attend!!! (Not just because I'm ranting about it, but
      because it's the ultimate in nerdly fun! Be there or turn in your Dilbert
      badge.) Also, I've said this part before but it's important to emphasize:
      VCF exhibits are NOT just "here's all my stuff on a table" but rather they
      have themes and well-planned displays. Start early!!

      - Evan

      Evan Koblentz's personal homepage: http://www.snarc.net

      Computer Collector Newsletter:
      >> http://news.computercollector.com

      Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists & Museum:
      >> http://www.marchclub.org
      >> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/midatlanticretro/
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