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19818Sunday Feb. 13 - inventory work day

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 4, 2011
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      I've been saying the "I"-word for a while. Now it's time to really get
      started. WE NEED TO DO INVENTORY.

      Several reasons why NOW is the perfect time.

      1., It's going to be a while (probably at least a few more months)
      before InfoAge gets the necessary permits from Wall Township to start
      building stuff inside the H-buildings, and (in turn) before the member
      groups get permission from InfoAge to make exhibits in there.

      2., Our collection has become so vast and varied that I'm losing track
      of the inventory in my feeble brain. :)

      3., In the next few months InfoAge will require all member groups to *
      finally * sign a tenant agreement; this is NOT monetary in nature, but
      there will be rules on paper, one of which will be that all groups keep
      an inventory. (It's for our own protection. We need to be able to say,
      "That's ours," if anything ever prevented InfoAge from operating. NOTE
      InfoAge is growing, and needs to do its business in a more professional
      way than it used to.)

      4., Isn't it freaking time already!? I admit that we "should have" kept
      diligent inventory from the start. We can't go back in time and change
      anything, but we can do better from now on.

      5., If we do this, then after VCF East when we have more money, we can
      see about purchasing * artifact insurance * in addition to our current
      liability insurance.

      I intend to start this process on Sunday, Feb. 13. Step 1 is
      identifying and labeling everything that we have. Doing this for all of
      the accessories, software, etc. will be nearly impossible, so we'll
      start with "major hardware".

      We will keep it VERY simple. Perhaps five very broad categories:
      a. type (micro, mini, storage, tape/card, display, printer, game, etc.)
      b. brand (apple, DEC, etc.)
      c. model (Mac, PDP-11/05, etc.)
      d. cosmetic (good, average, bad, etc.)
      e. operation (works, broken, unknown, etc.)

      *** IMPORTANT NOTE *** about section (b) -- eventually we will
      inventory everything including all the cables, software, and all sorts
      of small and random stuff -- and eventually we'll sub-divide everything
      into the previously determined categories that Bill Deg. already made
      for an online database. However our immediate need is to get a *
      general idea * of our major hardware and to fulfill InfoAge's requirement.

      Help will be needed in the trenches. Lots and lots of help.
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