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19816Help @ museum this Sunday mid-day

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 4, 2011
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      Hi all,

      I know this coming Sunday is a party day, but I also know nerds + sports
      don't generally mix :) so perhaps we can get some work done.

      Kelly and I are rescuing that TI minicomputer (and an unspecified model
      of Commodore PET) in the morning, and then bringing it down to InfoAge.
      I don't have anywhere else to be until around 5:30-6:00pm.

      Three things I'd like to do in our H-building space:
      1. Almost everything is already on pallets or wheels; I'd like to put
      stuff in a more intelligent order.
      2. Per orders from Fred, we need to clear space by the side door, for
      emergency purposes.
      3. Tomorrow I'm going shopping for tarps. We should cover more stuff
      from dust and humidity.

      I'm hoping that for VCF we can get a "daytime conditional use
      certificate" from Wall Township. That will let us run walk-throughs of
      our future museum area. We'll rope off everything except the aisle.
      The idea is people can walk through and be amazed by what we've got.
      We'll advertise this as a one-time, pre-alpha, sneak preview.
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