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19805Re: [midatlanticretro] Just call us the rescue squad!

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  • system@great-escape.tmesis.com
    Feb 4, 2011
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      Mike Loewen <mloewen@...> writes:

      >On Fri, 4 Feb 2011, Evan Koblentz wrote:
      >> There was one big miscommunication: there's no PDP-10. There is, >
      >however, a PDP-8E. :) > > And my favorite, the IBM 1130. It's a
      >beauty, with two drives. > > Mike L.: there are * three * IBM keypunchs,
      >I think they're all 029s.
      > Oooh. Oooh!. Something for EVERYONE. Practically a whole data
      >center. It would be nice if at least one of the 029s was in working
      >condition, or not too far off. If you see any blank punch cards, grab
      >those, too.
      > Ouch - just found the keypunch pictures. Those are DISGUSTING! I've
      >never seen any with grey keyboard units, though - weird. They're
      >usually beige.

      There was a card file in the garage near the keypunches. It may be in
      one of my photos. All the drawers, however, were empty. There's also
      an IBM card READER with that 1130!

      >> And just for good measure, there are various Sparcstations, Gridpads,
      >> and other random things.
      > If the musuem isn't interested in SPARCs, Kelly and I might be.
      >Depends on the models.
      >> Brian posted some pictures: http://tmesis.net/MARCH/Photos/
      > In picture 006, what are the two CPU-looking boxes on the bottom of
      >the stack in the middle of the picture?
      > Depending on the date, I might be able to drive out and help with
      >the move.

      The equipment in the garage is pretty well rusted. Also the basement
      was rather damp. There was a dehumidifier but I still saw signs of a
      lot of mildew on much of the documentation. Some of this will need to
      be moved to InfoAge to a good *dry* storage before sifting through it
      as the pages will likely be stuck together in much of it.

      I said to Evan, this was a see-it to believe-it trip. Both of us were
      amazed at how much this guy manage to stash away in his home. I said
      to Evan that I wish my wife would have come along so that she could
      feel thankful I haven't amassed that much! ;)
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