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19795Re: [midatlanticretro] Just call us the rescue squad!

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 4, 2011
      Hi all,

      Brian and I went to visit our new friend today. Turns out he was
      referred to us by Roger Amidon, formerly of Xitan/TDL, which was an
      S-100 company in the Princeton area.

      There was one big miscommunication: there's no PDP-10. There is,
      however, a PDP-8E. :)

      And my favorite, the IBM 1130. It's a beauty, with two drives.

      Mike L.: there are * three * IBM keypunchs, I think they're all 029s.

      There are many AT&T Unix PCs.

      There are many, many, many, many, many AT&T 3B2s.

      A dozen or so teletypes of various models.

      Many shelves of books, manuals, and software.

      There's also a bunch of radio, telephone, and testing equipment that I
      can't identify. Steve @ InfoAge will love it.

      Also a few IMSAIs and Altairs, but he's probably not donating those.

      And just for good measure, there are various Sparcstations, Gridpads,
      and other random things.

      We have until May to rescue all this. The owner said we can wait until
      the snow melts, and then show up with a box truck + lift gate. The 1130
      is in his garage; the rest is in a basement. But we can drive the truck
      dowhilll around back where there's a ground-level basement entrance.

      This rescue will take some serious coordination. Brian, and whoever
      wants to assist, can make some preliminary trips to box up the
      (zillions) of little things. That will make getting to the big things
      much easier.

      This guy's house (actually his brother-in-law's former house) is FULL of
      gear. The two-car garage, basement, and most of the upstairs have gear
      in almost every room.

      Brian posted some pictures: http://tmesis.net/MARCH/Photos/
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