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1969Televideo 812 and more this weekend.

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  • B. Degnan
    Dec 18, 2005
      Andy M and I have successfully rescued the following items from oblivion:

      Televideo TS-816
      TS-800A diskless terminal
      Televideo PM/286
      HM100 monitor (serial)
      laptop "Halikan LA5040" (286? - does not work)
      associated manuals.
      lots of miscellaneous 80's thr. early 90's software.

      I am happy to report that so far the Televideo TS-816 (CPM 2.2) and TS-800A
      (serial terminal) are in working order. It appears that you can run 12 or
      so terminals off this "server."

      I have not tested the Televideo PM/286 which is apparently a specialized
      DOS AT-like system, and I have to do more research on the TS-816.

      Anyone except Andy in this group ever work with the Televideo line?

      In this lot is an early copy of Novel ( I think version 4), a bunch of
      Windows 3.1 disk sets, Windows 3.0, DOS 4, DOS 5, Lotus version 1, more...

      Overall I am not sure that these are museum pieces but they do offer a
      chance to learn about (large) PC-sized CP/M multi-user systems, and if
      anyone is interested in more details let me know.

      Bill D
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