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19481Re: Updates re: minis, museum

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  • Justin Jernigan
    Jan 5, 2011
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      > Moving the Eclipse rack was especially fun .... because I stayed out of
      > the way. :)
      > Justin can fill in the details of all this. My brain is full.
      We had to take the drive drawer out of the rack to move the Eclipse, but we were able to do so without any major damage (well one small clip may have been bent). The label on the drive shelf said 'Warning, weight 120 lbs.". I have moved alot of heavy/bulky stuff in my days, but this was by far the heaviest I have moved without use of a forklift or Escalera. We tried it with the drives in, but that was a no go -- we couldn't keep the momentum to get it more than 3 stairs.

      I actually unloaded the Eclipse (and everything from the second trip) from my Suburban by myself. The only thing I couldn't manage to unload was one SUN box -- it was just too heavy, maybe I am just tired. Anyway, I'm sure I will be bringing them down to InfoAge over the next few weeks. I will work with Evan on the details, we will probably need some volunteers to help unload some of the items.
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