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19479Re: [midatlanticretro] Updates re: minis, museum

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  • c f
    Jan 5, 2011
      Interesting - I'll be eagerly awaiting your results on Sunday. If we have a disk drive, we might be able to have a Cray-1 to hook up to the eclipse =)

      On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 8:55 PM, Evan Koblentz <evan@...> wrote:

      Just got home and I am EXHAUSTED.

      Justin and I met up at 1:00 today at the home of David K. (the person
      selling that lot of minicomputers on ebay). We three staged everything
      for the big move up his stairs. John, who was the buyer, arrived around
      2:00 with his uncle. We all kept working and finally finished moving it
      all our of David's basement and into John's rental truck and Justin's
      SUV by 6:30.

      John's primary interest was the DEC minis, and so he donated to MARCH:
      - DG Eclipse S/130
      - Several PC-based IBM S/36 boxes
      - HP-3000
      - SPARCstation
      - Many terminals
      - Various disks, manuals, tapes, etc

      Moving the Eclipse rack was especially fun .... because I stayed out of
      the way. :)

      Justin can fill in the details of all this. My brain is full.

      Museum-wise, I got about five minutes away from David's house and then
      decided I was too tired to go to a meeting tonight. Came home instead.
      So, for you Chris F., I will check on our CDC hard drive this Sunday.

      Also, last Sunday was very good at InfoAge, according to Jeff B. who
      staffed our exhibits for the first half of the day. He reported:

      >>> We got a semi-steady stream of visitors who were visiting the
      trains. Mostly casual type visitors. Some more interested than others. A
      total of about 20-30 .... One guy wants to donate a Kaypro ..... Another
      guy wants to donate a Heathkit 8

      Haven't heard from Jeff J. about how the second half of the day went.

      That's all for now from the home office ..... !

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