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19440Can anyone read a CDC 9877 disk pack?

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  • c f
    Jan 3, 2011
      Hi Everyone!

      My name is Chris, and I've been working on a Cray-1 re-creation project (http://chrisfenton.com/homebrew-cray-1a/) for fun in my free time. I recently came into possession of an 80 Megabyte CDC 9877 disk pack (14-inch disk pack with 5 spindles). I believe the disk drive to read it is a CDC 9672, and for this specific pack, it was attached to a data general Eclipse running RDOS. I'm looking for a way to recover the data from this, since I believe it may contain a complete Cray-1 system image (of which no copies are currently known to exist). I'm currently located in NYC. Anyone have any suggestions/thoughts/ideas/old-disk-drives? I located a guy in the Dallas area that had 4-5 of the disk drives, but no computers that could hook up to them. Ideally I can find someone in the new england-ish area that might be able to help me recover the data from it.

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