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19429Re: Way OT: fixing mid-90s laser printer

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  • Al Hartman
    Jan 3, 2011
      Replacing the toner replaces a good part of the printing process. You could
      try cleaning the drum carefully with a non-abrasive cloth in a dark room.
      There are companies who will rebuild the toner cartridge and replace the
      drum. They resurface old drums and reuse them.

      If the toner cart isn't the problem, You need to look in the back and take a
      look at the fuser roller. If it's scratched, you need to replace it. You can
      replace the whole assembly, or if you're willing, just replace the roller.
      That involves taking the fuser assembly apart carefully and changing the

      The 4Lis a nice little printer. Definitely worth repairing as it will work
      with most operating systems.

      I thought there was a power switch inside the side door where the power
      cable goes in.


      Evan Koblentz Wrote:

      > Got myself a (free) HP 4L today. It prints, but the page has a fuzzy
      > background and there's a dark streak along the left edge. Of course I
      > will replace the toner; ya'll think it needs more than that? Just a
      > good cleaning inside, or is something broken?
      > Oddly, HP has the service manual as a free download, but they don't have
      > the user manual. Speaking of which: the power goes off after 15 minutes
      > of inactivity, which is how it's supposed to work, but I can't figure
      > out how to manually turn it off. Yes I tried pressing the power button.
      > :)
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