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19380Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Does MARCH have a hackerspace at Camp Evans?

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  • system@great-escape.tmesis.com
    Dec 25, 2010
      "mejeep_ferret" <mejeep@...> writes:

      >to followup on myself
      >re: self guided tours
      >> I have an old el-cheap-o cellphone and no iPod or iPad
      >> but for those who do, could they use the InfoAge WiFi
      >> to download MP3s of narration
      >To paraphrase Tricky Dicky "let me make this perfectly clear":
      >I'm suggesting we find ways for visitors/guests
      >to use their own cellphone/WiFi equipment
      >to eliminate the need to lend things.
      >It would be "totally retro" to have terminals like in 2001 or the mostly-us=
      >eless computer terminals from the TV series "The Starlost", but it's unfair=
      > to force guests to using a faulty/breaking system (but some would enjoy th=
      >e "adventure/hunt-the-wumpus" aspect). Lest we emulate the computer from th=
      >e original Star Trek (with the woman's voice), or Red Dwarf or The Hitch-Hi=
      >ker's Guide to the Galaxy! I'm already dreaming of April's fool's day spoof=
      >s for such as system!

      I travel extensively throughout Europe to photograph concerts gigs. When in
      various countries, I've teken the time to see historical sites. Places like
      that pile of rocks on the Salisbury plain in England or the Anne Frank house
      in Amsterdam let self-guided tour devices in close to 40 different languages.
      These are site with a high volume of visitors. Something like InfoAge would
      be hard pressed to afford such a system. I would think that something like a
      downloadable podcast would be ideal. Give vistors a URL, assuming that they
      have a device which would facilitiate such. However, I believe that InfoAge
      and the MARCH museum are still in early infancy and such an undertaking would
      best be put on hold until the two mature. Put the efforts now into exhibits.
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