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1926Looking For Parts - Sun Video Adapter

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  • Greg Agostini
    Dec 7, 2005
      I am seeking a Sun Video to VGA adapter. Not just the basic ones you can get
      on E-bay, but the one that has the selectable DIP switches to adjust the
      Sync Rate of a monitor.

      If I can't get the adapter, I will need an SBUS video card with a standard
      VGA connector on it that is Sun Friendly. I have a Connectware that refuses
      to play nice with the SPARC 10 I'm trying to get up and running.

      I'm willing to trade or outright purchase the adapter. I have a Vintage
      Timex Sinclair, Mint in the box complete with the original docs and even the
      warranty card and the 16K expansion module up for trade.

      Thanks for the bandwidth. Contact me off list at: info@...

      Greg Agostini
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