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  • amenard86
    Dec 12, 2010
      Just dropping a line to present myself.

      I'm a 45 years old french Canadian working in the computer field (programming and tech support) since the late 80's.

      I collect 8 and 16/32 bits computer as a hobby, especially those that I had when I was a teenager and young adult. I presently have a C64, an Atari 800XL and 130XE, an Apple IIe platinum and an Amiga 500. Those are my pride and joy and all are used daily.

      I'm always available to talk about the good old days, swap story and help other collector or people who want to know the joy of using the computer that made history.

      I also started a website about the world of 8 and 16 bits computers but I won't be so rude as using this post to advertise it. This isn't my goal by coming here.

      I thank you for creating this Yahoo! group.
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