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19112vintage computer pricing - retial vs. hobbyist prices

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  • Bill Degnan
    Dec 5, 2010
      > >
      > > I don't agree. Charge a price people are willing to pay. In a shop
      > > hundreds of customers ? You could find someone willing to pay$ 100.
      > > a working c64 is not so easy to find. Does MARCH have more than 1 ?
      > >
      > I call shennanigans. You can't swing a dead cat on eBay without hitting
      > pile of 64's. A nice mix of breadbox & 64Cs, often times with books,
      > disks and a drive for under $60. A 128 will fetch $60+ and the SX-64 is

      > normal to see in the $100+ range.
      > Craigslist can be a good source too.
      > If $60 is the _local_ going price for a machine with no drives, then
      > you've got a customer base not so familiar with this "internet" thingy.
      > (now by all means, if you can get $60 for a stand-alone breadbin, by all

      > means take it! :) )
      > g.

      I personally would not pay more than $10 for a C64, so I agree with Gene
      that a person in the know can do better than $60 for a C64, yes.

      First of all I think you're not counting the risk of Ebay quality, shipping
      cost, and your time. If a C64 is sitting there in the store all you have
      to do is pick it up, pay and go. That has a value. I sell vintage
      computers at my computer repair store and I get full retail prices for
      them. The type of customer who pays $60 for a C64 is different than the
      hobbyist in MARCH who is in the know and has access to many sources and
      built-in knowledge of the product. I charge insider pricing for friends
      and collectors because of the whole karma thing. Pricing is subjective.

      The potential market of non-expert hobbyists who just want a working system
      and no hassle is way bigger than the tech hobbyist.

      Allow me to illustrate
      I bought three TRS 80 model 4 computers recently to resell. I sold one
      for $125, one for $260, and I gave one away. The computer I gave away was
      to a fellow hobbyist. Everyone got what they wanted, all were satisfied
      with the result.

      Good points all around.

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