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19096MARCH Dec. 11 party thoughts and preparations

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Dec 1, 2010
      I will be unable to get to the party before 7pm. So just wanted to give a heads up.

      I have:
      Frozen hamburger patties (40)
      Hamburger buns (48)
      Small Portable Grill

      Note: I believe we can use Steve's grill if mine is too small. I will leave the food in a place that Evan can access so that everyone can start cooking when they are hungry. I believe that JeffThree Jonas was bringing plates and forks. I'm not sure what everyone else is bringing for drinks, but I will be bringing my own just in case. Who else is bringing something ?

      Commodore SIG:

      Bill Degnan: Bringing tools, diagnostic cartridges.
      Bill Dromgoole: Bringing tools, soldering equipment, Diagnose 64
      Iam Primus: Bringing knowledge
      Jeff Brace: Brining broken C64 and 1541 ;)
      Matt Mikolay: Watching and learning
      Bryan Pope: ? Perhaps can fix the MARCH Commodore Pet ?

      Note: I think the best thing to do is try to fix at least one C64 and 1541 that is owned by MARCH and diagnose the rest for repair later. If myself and Matt are able to learn enough to finish the repairs later, then that would be great. I can get the broken c64 and 1541 ready when I am at MARCH this Sunday and tell Evan where they are. Is there anything else that I can bring ? What software diagnostic tools should be brought ? I thought someone could bring a video camera to narrate how the repairs are done for future reference. Any other thoughts or suggestions ?

      Entertainment :
      Are we going to try to get a movie system setup ?
      What about chip tunes ?

      Note: I have some Instant Remedy remixes of C64 game tunes that I can bring.

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