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19058Re: OT: Star Trek Computer for the home

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  • evan
    Nov 28, 2010
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      >>> I am chris, I joined this group when I joined over at the vintage computer forums, I got a PM there saying that I should check this group out. I have Been on here a while, I just never posted (thought I did post my introduction on here for ever ago)

      Cool. I don't recall your intro post and I was unable to find it when I searched last night. But that's okay.

      >>> If I was referred to this group in error please accept my apologies!

      Nah, you're fine. But keep in mind that we're geographically focused on the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast. I don't know where you are located; just our location focus in mind when we talk about our museum, our club events, etc.

      >>> Also, can you edit messages after you post them?


      >>> My last one sounded rude so I deleted it and posted this one but can you edit posts or just delete them?

      We addressed that by deleting your previous post before it went live on our list. We were only able to do that because all members' initial posts are moderated, until the person proves to be a non-troll, etc. .... in your case I will change change your status to unmoderated (the normal status here) right after I send this reply.
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