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1905RE: [midatlanticretro] What will you exhibit at VCF East 3.0 ?

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  • Evan
    Dec 5, 2005
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      Oh, let's not get on THAT topic again.  We don't want our list to become cctalk.  ;)
      Some people started using "15-year-rule" a while ago to ensure that Windows 95 and the WWW do not become on-topic.  Can't say I blame them...
      Other people (including me) prefer ditching the age-based criteria entirely and switching to a semantic definition.  My version: "architecturally obsolete."  So things that are very old but have the same basic architecture as modern versions (for example: early x86) do not qualify.  Conversely, things that are relatively young but are architecturally obsolete do qualify (for example: Newton.)

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      Did I miss something awhile back but has the age rule of thumb that
      determines on-topicness, to coin a phrase, been changed from 10 years to a
      15 year rule?

      Regards,  Chris F.


      Upon the date 10:11 PM 12/4/2005, Sridhar Ayengar said something like:
      > > I hate to bring this up, but... is 1992
      >It doesn't fit the 15-year rule yet (although it might
      if it actually
      >has a date of 1991), but the generation *just* before it
      is indeed a
      >machine which I have.  And it fits the 15-year
      rule.  It's virtually
      >identical to this machine in execution, but it
      weighs *much* more and
      >requires water cooling.  Also, the CPU's take
      close to 20kW.  It has a
      >lot more processing
      >Also, it would take a tractor-trailer to
      >The other option would be just to bring a full-size VAX,
      >definitely fits the 15-year rule.  It wouldn't be nearly as
      >an exhibit.
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