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  • Sills Raymond
    Nov 27, 2010
      Hi Gang:

      I was clearing out a closet and found a box with some goodies that
      might interest someone in the group:

      Some disks labeled as Novell Netware ELS software... there's a total
      of 15 5.25" floppies.

      Apple 9-pin DB9 male to mini-DIN male cable. I think it was intended
      for use with a modem.

      Sinclair ZX-81 programming book

      Radio Shack Co-Co Color File cartridge.

      Radio Shack manual: Getting Started with Extended Color BASIC.

      Radio Shack manual: Going Ahead with Extended Color BASIC

      Radio Shack manual: Deluxe RS-232 Program Pak Operation Manual (for
      the CoCo).

      Also found a few C-64 and VIC-20 terminal programs.

      Any or all are offered to people in the group, for the cost of
      shipping. Most likely, the best deal would be for someone to take it
      all, and realize the economy of scale with a single package.

      I would have donated all that stuff to MARCH at the time I was moving
      out of NJ, had I realized that I had it!

      But, I would hate to just toss it out, which is in the offing if no
      one is interested.

      73 de Ray