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18992Re: [midatlanticretro] Hello, Im new and need help

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Nov 14 7:52 PM
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      > Hello, Im new and need help. I recently got a kaypro Ii and dont know much about them. Al I know is I need a cp/m boot disk and was told by a member here that somebody could help. thanks :)

      MARCHins: don't waste your time answering the CP/M message. The poster
      left our group already.

      First he caused trouble on the VC Forum, by insulting many veteran
      members who gave him honest advice. Then he posted here, but I rejected
      the message, because he called the VC Forum people (some of whom are
      also MARCH people) a four-letter word. After that he claimed that
      vintage computer hobbyists don't want young people involved. Ummm .....
      I don't think Jeff F. and Matt M. would agree with that! Next he
      finally submitted a family-friendly message, so I approved it. Then,
      today, he posted the same exact message two more times. Naturally we
      rejected those. Finally, he sent me a message today saying he quit our
      group already.

      Verrrrrrrry strange behavior.