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18806RE: [midatlanticretro] Please no political threads

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  • Bill Loguidice
    Oct 28, 2010
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      I think a lot of it depends on what any of uses to respond to posts, too. For instance, I’m typically in Outlook, and this is how I (and others who use it, particularly in corporate settings) use it. Certainly the interface is different if you don’t treat this as e-mail and do it from Yahoo or Google Groups, or a particular e-mail program with its own set of quirks.


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      "Bill Loguidice" <bill@...> writes:

      >I always found the top posting versus bottom posting debate silly. I always
      >prefer top posting since my thinking is I can write (or read) the new
      >and, only if necessary, the reader can refer to the bottom text for
      >"background" information. That fact though that people feel
      strongly either
      >way and that there's some supposed etiquette to it all is amazing. We can
      >all be very nitpicky when it comes to our own preferences. Frankly, there
      >are lots of things I'd love to change, but I'm realistic in knowing they're
      >not going to happen and I should let them be.

      Well, you're wrong! :P :)

      Happily, you posted text that can actually be read in 80 columns or less
      and that's always a positive.

      FWIW: http://linux.sgms-centre.com/misc/netiquette.php

      These aren't my rules but it is a generally accepted list of "netiquette"
      that has worked for 20 years!

      Considering that this *IS* a group of retro-hobbyists, I'd think you'd all
      have some basis in or familiarity with usenet or mailing lists as they were
      before the Yahoo-degeneration or, at least, an appreciation for how it was.

      I'm not a fan of top-posting and don't wish to open up a top/bottom posting
      religious debate but I will state that the HTMLized and base64 encoded posts
      here are ridiculously unreadable and require extra work to read. Netiquette
      rulez! Borrowing from the C64/Amiga mantra recently posted.

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