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18772RE: [midatlanticretro] Proposed NJ law may impact our hobby

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  • Kelly D. Leavitt
    Oct 27, 2010
      I think he needs a better lawyer, because a >hobbyist< should not/cannot be confused as a disposal facility - that's absurd. Hopefully the public meeting will allow this policy to elaborate the differences between hobbyists. It's one thing to have a pile of junk on your lawn/backyard which can violate many city ordinances, but to confuse one's status as a hobbyist is inexcusable. BTW, their definition of collector in that doc is misleading since it's in the context of waste mgmt.


      But that's the thing. It's harder than you think for an inspecting official to delineate where a "hobbyist" ends and a waste facility begins. I don't know about you, but I can't afford more than a few minutes of time from a lawyer that specializes in environmental law. That's why we need to think about this now.

      I'm also not saying this anything bad will result from this action in NJ, just that there may be issues and we may want to comment. Overall, recycling is an OK thing. It's may not be as green as a lot think, but it is at least better than dumping everyting into a landfill.

      A lot of the electronics we recycle are dealt with properly. However, sometimes they end up in places like this:

      Let's hope that we can prevent stuff like this with reasonable recycling policies. I know of one recycler down the road from me that just grinds everything up (including cases) and ships it by the container to China. All to the highest bidder.
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