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18771Re: [midatlanticretro] Proposed NJ law may impact our hobby

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  • Bill Degnan
    Oct 27 9:09 AM
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      > >
      > I think he needs a better lawyer, because a >hobbyist< should not/cannot
      > confused as a disposal facility - that's absurd. Hopefully the public
      > meeting will allow this policy to elaborate the differences between
      > hobbyists. It's one thing to have a pile of junk on your lawn/backyard
      > can violate many city ordinances, but to confuse one's status as a
      > is inexcusable. BTW, their definition of collector in that doc is
      > since it's in the context of waste mgmt.

      I am sure if you don't have derelict computers in open sight of the public
      you're fine. We should assume the same laws and precendents for old car
      collectors would apply to old tech collectors.

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