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18769RE: [midatlanticretro] Proposed NJ law may impact our hobby

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  • Kelly D. Leavitt
    Oct 27, 2010
      We're a regulatory training company. These are not written rules, but policies and procedures that inspectors and enforcement officials follow. We deal with one or two calls about the CA issues every month. It is the discretion of the inspector as to the details of who is what. Collectors are not specifically exempted and if your "collection" looks like a pile of junk it can cause you many problems (including fines). In one specific instance a "collector" had several computers that were damaged in an office fire. He was trying to refurbish them. A neighbor got into a beef with him and reported him to the Cal/EPA. He was categorized as running an unlicensed disposal facility. This is turning into quite a mess for him.


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      I know people in California with racks in their houses that have more than 5 computers

      In fact I know a guy in NJ with the same.

      I am going though the proposal pdf.... I am at work so I can't spend a lot of time, but so far it's a lot of definitions of what things are.

      Definitaion of Consumer
      “Consumer” means a person, other than a business concern, who purchases a covered electronic device in a retail sale. [Page 5]

      Definition of Retail Sale
      “Retail sale” means the sale of covered electronic devices through sales outlets, via the Internet, mail order, or other means, whether or not the retailer has a physical presence in this State. [Page 8]

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      The last state to implement this (CA) has some really strange standards and policies. If you have more than 5 computers on site and you are not a company, then you might have to be a registered waste disposal facility or a licensed recycler. Note that these are informal policies, not official rules. That means they're enforced sporadically, and very hard to fight if you are stuck on the wrong end.
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