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18747Outreach, rescues, etc.

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Oct 26, 2010
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      Hi all,

      Just wanted to update the group about some neat things happening in MARCH.

      Doing lots of outreach to other groups:
      >> At the Maker Faire, I was invited to give a lecture to a computer
      club in upstate NY
      >> At the NJ Science / Engineering Fest, I was invited to lecture at
      Sussex County Vo-Tech CompSci class.
      >> Today, I got an email from Brookdale Community College CS club,
      asking how they can start helping us on a more frequent basis (they have
      a campus adjacent to InfoAge, and they helped us a few VCF Easts ago.)

      I really enjoy this kind of thing. Spreading our gospel is fun, and it
      puts us (and my specifically) out there in the retrocomputing community
      as an expert name.

      Speaking of which, as David Greelish recently posted, our own Bill
      Degnan(-co) ;) was a guest on Dave's first podcast. I started
      listening to it last night and it's really good. I'm looking forward to
      being a guest on podcast #2 in a few weeks.

      Rescue-wise, we recently picked up the Lisas (a first for us), and
      tomorrow we're getting another "first" for MARCH -- several Data General
      Novas. We were promised other Novas a year or two ago, but the person
      didn't (yet) come through. This latest rescue is from a plastics
      manufacturing company that's closing its warehouse. It used the Novas
      for production and also sold them as part of a commercial system.

      The details, according to the benefactor:
      >> Data General Nova-3, rack mount, 12" high chassis
      >> Data General Nova 1200, rack mount, 12" chassis
      >> Three "Point-4" Nova-compatible machines, rack mount, 6" high chassis
      >> Assortment of spare 15" x 15" boards for the above, including
      magnetic core memory
      >> Sykes 8" floppy disk drives
      >> Paper tape readers and punches

      I'm getting it all tomorrow in Norwalk, CT. Shopped around and got a *
      killer * deal on a rental van -- less than $70 for unlimited miles!
      Sweet. (And so if anyone needs anything picked up in southwestern CT,
      let me know ASAP.)

      I've also been hearing feedback about our holiday party. Still no
      update on cottage availability; I'm sure something will work out; it
      always does. Anyway, several folks suggested that our party once again
      serve as an ultra-informal swap meet just for ourselves. Let's do
      that. Also, Jeff B. wants to have a meeting of his ad-hoc Commodore
      SIG. Personally I'll be meeting with the beer-and-videogames SIG, but
      he has my full moral support. :)

      Very early next year, once all the Halloween stuff is deconstructed,
      we'll get back to building our new museum. In the meantime we will
      continue to work on organizing the collection, etc.
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