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18706Re: [midatlanticretro] This Sat in Wilmington

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  • B Degnan
    Oct 21, 2010
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      What was so ironic is that he called based on our Craigslist.com ad (we mention having interest in Commodore/Tandy/etc), and he was throwing a Hail Mary pass to see if anyone would possibly know how to fix 8050 drives and work with a CBM 256-80, one of the rarest computers ever sold in production by Commodore.  He could not believe at first that I even knew about these systems.

      As many of you on this list know, I kind of specialize about the B Series Commodores, so I should be at least able to get his disks backed up and onto an emulator, if not actually repair his drives.  He told me he had a number of 8050's and 8250's, and a SFD-1001, but only the SFD-1001 still works.

      I will let you know when I know more about the project.  He still needs to show up with the hardware.  I will ask if he wants to be interviewed.


      Christian Liendo wrote:

      Bill you should interview that guy and post a story about him..
      Or ask if I can get in touch with him and I would like to write a story..
      I mean seriously, people still using vintage computers is great stuff.

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