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18540MARCH Commodore SIG

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Oct 3, 2010
      Hello fellow MARCHins !

      I propose the creation of a Commodore SIG under MARCH. The group would meet monthly or bi-monthly depending on the desire of the members.  For now I would like to meet on a Sunday around 1pm at InfoAge, since that is a convenient time and place for me and I would hope everyone else as well.  This group would share knowledge, expertise, experience and resources. My specific expertise is Commodore 64. I would like to expand to all Commodore computers.

      I would like to have a different topic each time. For example, one month would be repairs, another would be new devices and software, another assembly programming, another archiving technology etc.  I would like to preserve and pass on the knowledge of those who have it so that it won't be lost to future generations. As part of MARCH's mission: collect and preserve vintage computers; to educate and inspire; and to have fun!!!

      If you have any interest, the please give me feedback as to what you are looking for with this group, when is a good time to meet, what specific Commodore computers that you have interest/experience with. If you are not interested, but have some helpful suggestions or resources that could benefit this group then let me know !

      Jeffrey Brace