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1840Re: [midatlanticretro] Stuff to be thankful for...

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  • B. Degnan
    Nov 21, 2005
      right back at ya. thanks Evan!


      >At turkey-time, I'm thankful for Andy having the idea to get local
      >collectors together; everyone who answered our initial cctalk / vcforum
      >posts looking for such local collectors; the Trenton Computer Festival staff
      >for positively responding to our idea of a large exhibit; everyone in the
      >club who made that TCF event a huge success (especially those of you who
      >came from far away!); Herb Johnson for contributing our first $20; InfoAge
      >and Fred Carl for agreeing to work with us on the museum project and letting
      >us manage Mr. Grabbe's collection; Jim Scheef for handling our
      >money/business matters in a professional and swift manner; Bill Degnan for
      >donating the web hosting; John Allain for volunteering to be webmaster; Jeff
      >Salzman for all his work on our ever-changing logo; Sellam Ismail for giving
      >us his blessing to run VCF East next year; and most of all, the general
      >membership without whom we'd just be five or six dorky collectors running
      >around kidding ourselves.
      >Yes, even you, Chris. ;)
      >You can all thank ME next time a bar tab is involved!!
      >Happy Thanksgiving,
      > - Evan
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