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  • Evan
    Nov 21, 2005
      Hello Marchins,

      It's been quiet here for the past week or so, which is a good thing, because
      I think some of us (me included) needed to clear our minds from vintage
      computers for a while. Thanksgiving is a great time to do so.

      Going into December, we'll sort out the remaining details of our starter web
      site / PayPal button, Jim Scheef will pay our incorporation bill, me and
      some othr board members will write up club bylaws, and then we can celebrate
      the end of our first year of existence. (I still can't believe our mailing
      list reached 100 people!)

      Fred previously suggested that our eventual museum include a small store for
      selling books, t-shirts, replica kits, etc. ... John Allain added the great
      idea tonight of having a club consignment store in there too. That way
      visitors can pick up some actual vintage computing gear (or whatever) and
      our members / club budget would all benefit from it. We could keep a list
      in the museum store of which members have what to sell, price, etc., and
      perhaps keep some inventory there.

      Anyway, it's food for thought.

      At turkey-time, I'm thankful for Andy having the idea to get local
      collectors together; everyone who answered our initial cctalk / vcforum
      posts looking for such local collectors; the Trenton Computer Festival staff
      for positively responding to our idea of a large exhibit; everyone in the
      club who made that TCF event a huge success (especially those of you who
      came from far away!); Herb Johnson for contributing our first $20; InfoAge
      and Fred Carl for agreeing to work with us on the museum project and letting
      us manage Mr. Grabbe's collection; Jim Scheef for handling our
      money/business matters in a professional and swift manner; Bill Degnan for
      donating the web hosting; John Allain for volunteering to be webmaster; Jeff
      Salzman for all his work on our ever-changing logo; Sellam Ismail for giving
      us his blessing to run VCF East next year; and most of all, the general
      membership without whom we'd just be five or six dorky collectors running
      around kidding ourselves.

      Yes, even you, Chris. ;)

      You can all thank ME next time a bar tab is involved!!

      Happy Thanksgiving,

      - Evan

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      >> http://news.computercollector.com

      Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists & Museum:
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