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1834some wants and a possible favor

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  • Chris M
    Nov 16, 2005
      IBM System 23/Datamaster

      IBM 5520

      IBM 5120

      IBM DisplayWriter

      IBM 3196 terminal, preferably color, some similarly
      numbered model terminals could also be suitable, but
      am not sure

      IBM RT stuph

      Most of these things can be viewed at:


      9000, OTHER GROOVY STUPH. ATARI ST systems/parts,
      possibly an Atari 130XE

      Now for a possible favor:

      Does anyone live within reasonable driving distance of
      Sterling, VA? Roy Soltoff has a bunch of these boards
      still sitting in his basement. He refuses to ship. I
      don't want to have to drive back down there (>200
      miles). I could send someone a big sturdy box (or
      alternately send them money to buy one locally). It
      would require not only the drive there, but a stop at
      a FedEx kinkos to drop off the package (to be billed
      to my own account). If some degree of compensation is
      due, I'll gladly pay it. Sounds like a hassle I guess,
      and I don't mean to put anyone on the spot. Just
      thought I'd run it by the group. The boards themself
      don't particularly interest me, it's the value of some
      of the components (8085's, Z80's, etc.). Seems a waste
      for them to just get chucked out. Grassyass.

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