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18173Re: [midatlanticretro] VCF Midwest

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  • B Degnan
    Sep 7, 2010
      Jason T wrote:
      On Mon, Sep 6, 2010 at 10:05 PM, B Degnan <billdeg@...> wrote:
      It looks like there will be a "green screen experience" as well as other interesting exhibits.
      There will?  I guess I missed that...what is it?

      We have been talking about having an exhibit at MARCH's computer museum at InfoAge comprised of timesharing terminals - "green screens"  - that people can use when they visit the MARCH musuem.  The terminals would probably be hooked up to a modern PC however, for support reasons.  It would be a simulated green screen experience.  You're would be the real thing.

      Although the site has a quick description of my exhibit, here's the full text description, an attempt to represent the MidAtlantic region:
      Sorry - I was trying to keep the descriptions short.  I can expand it
      a bit if you like.
      No need, but thanks.  I would be just as happy with "..a pile of Sinclair 1000's and related stuff that goes with it.." - I like to try to come up with a theme of some sort for my exhibits to make them more interesting.

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