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  • Bob Grieb
    Nov 13 3:26 PM

      That's OK. Guess I can keep the Hero-1, since
      I couldn't have taken it since I wasn't there...

      --- Evan <evan947@...> wrote:

      > I forgot to mention that Bob Grieb also was there all day.
      > Sorry!
      > _____
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      > Subject: [midatlanticretro] Report -- InfoAge work day...
      > Hi all,
      > We have some news that everyone will like ... and some news that'll
      > make
      > Treasurer Jim want to kill me. :)
      > Myself, Bill Degnan, Andy Mayer, John Allain, John Montenigro, Chris
      > Keegan,
      > and David Gesswein (all the way from the D.C. area!) participated
      > today.
      > InfoAge's Frank O'Brien spoke with us for a while about our mission,
      > etc.,
      > and Fred Carl was very helpful today just as always. (Mark Dodel was
      > supposed to bring us his OS/2 collection but was sick.)
      > We began at 10-ish with doughnuts and a discussion of how to tackle
      > InfoAge's Grabbe collection and our items. The original plan was to
      > start
      > by cataloging everything, but we called an audible and decided to
      > first
      > reorganize where everything is physically stored.
      > We previously talked about having our museum space at InfoAge's main
      > building ("the hotel") but there is too much happening there (events,
      > construction) and there is too little security. So, per Fred's
      > original
      > idea, we scoped out a nice part of the second building (I forget what
      > it's
      > called -- I mean the building directly behind the hotel where the
      > National
      > Broadcasters Hall of Fame will also be located.) We realized that a
      > couple
      > of the rooms where John M. already placed some items from his recent
      > rescues
      > are actually in an ideal location -- an otherwise unclaimed hallway
      > which
      > locks on both ends. We vaguely had Fred's permission to make this
      > claim,
      > but he had to leave for a few hours. The conclusion: "It's easier to
      > do now
      > and ask for forgiveness later than to get permission first."
      > We began moving all the heavy computers (lots of DEC, teletypes,
      > servers,
      > etc.) from the NJBHOF room down the hall to a couple of the rooms in
      > "our"
      > new turf. We spread out the items across a few of the rooms... each
      > room we
      > use for storage makes it one less room another group can claim,
      > right? Once
      > completed, we stopped for a pizza lunch and then moved to the hotel
      > basement, where Fred in the morning showed us a quasi-hidden room
      > with
      > strong shelves, decent lighting, and decent security. We moved many
      > of the
      > basement items (mostly Grabbe collection stuff) into this adjacent
      > room and
      > organized it quite nicely. Many of the items from John M.'s recent
      > rescue
      > are not of interest for our museum, but are things we can use to sell
      > /
      > barter / share with other groups, so we put those all in one group of
      > shelves. Thus we now actually have some (gasp!) organization to our
      > collection. Other parts of the collection were too big / heavy to
      > move into
      > the adjacent room or to the upstairs hallway in the next building,
      > but we
      > still made progress with those items by getting most of them off the
      > floor
      > and wrapped in plastic. Perhaps most important, in both areas where
      > our
      > collection now sits, we made clear distinctions between what belongs
      > to
      > InfoAge and what belongs to MARCH.
      > Fred returned and we explained our claim for the second building's
      > hallway
      > rooms. He asked us to scale back that plan just a tad. :) However,
      > we
      > reached a compromise -- we'll start with just the rooms on one side
      > of the
      > hallway, and Fred will change the locks on those rooms' doors,
      > keeping one
      > key and giving the other to us exclusively. Those rooms are pretty
      > good for
      > serving as a computer museum. Many of them have pass-through doors
      > between
      > the rooms, and Fred said it's fine if we want to install
      > pass-throughs in
      > the rooms which lack them. We envision giving each room a theme --
      > the
      > minicomputer room, the microcomputer room, the gaming room, and so
      > on.
      > Finally, we had an impromptu meeting with Fred about InfoAge's
      > mission / our
      > mission, fundraising opportunities, etc. ... I'll follow-up on these
      > topics
      > in other messages in the near future. One highlight: the vast
      > InfoAge
      > collection is only LESS THAN HALF of Mr. Grabbe's full collection.
      > The
      > other half is yet to be transported from Grabbe's home in the
      > Harrisburg, PA
      > area to InfoAge. Fred is working on setting this up. When the time
      > comes,
      > he'll need three assistants -- "two to move the collection and one to
      > keep
      > Mr. Grabbe occupied" -- Fred's words, not mine.
      > No real cataloging was done today (although there was some
      > photography).
      > When you have a big intimidating mess of stuff to clean up, like a
      > child's
      > pile of toys, the first problem is figuring out where to start.
      > Today, we
      > accomplished that and more -- we not only started but we now have a
      > much
      > clearer understanding of what's "our" space at InfoAge.
      > Fred also told us that April 1 will be the ceremony for officially
      > turning
      > over the buildings from the town to InfoAge. As with the WWII
      > dedication
      > day a few months ago, he'd like us to have a (small) exhibit
      > presence. A few
      > weeks later (April 22-23) is the Trenton show. Unlike this year's
      > Trenton
      > show, we only should have a MARCH booth, not a whole room / exhibit
      > again.
      > The reason is because we don't want the public to say "Well I just
      > saw your
      > old computers in Trenton, why should I come to VCF East a few weeks
      > later?"
      > Joe Public doesn't know what VCF is, so we absolutely can't afford to
      > cannibalize our event by doing too much at Trenton next year.
      > Instead, at
      > Trenton we'll just man a booth and sign up people for our list and
      > distribute flyers and stuff.
      > One month from tomorrow is T-minus six months to VCF East. If you're
      > reading this and did not yet start thinking about fundraising ideas
      > and your
      > exhibit plans, please do so now!! Six months will transpire FAST if
      > we're
      > not careful planners.
      > Thanks to everyone who showed up to help today. Let's do it again in
      > a
      > couple of months, but hopefully not when it snows.
      > - Evan
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