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18096Photos from August Workshop

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  • B Degnan
    Aug 29 6:28 AM
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      Photos and commentary from August Workshop


      Alex Bodnar (MARCH's Heath connection)
      Matt Whitehead (learned about meeting from HOPE)
      Fred Matt (local Tandy expert)
      Bill Degnan (conveniently not in any of the photos)


      10 Tandy III, 4, and 4P systems, printers, and parts from Fred. Most
      of the systems will go on sale after they have been checked out and cleaned.

      Everyone helped bring in the large cache of Tandy items
      Alex Bodnar brought his H89 and attempted to get a 3.5 drive to work
      with it using a new mod kit
      Bill and Matt worked on the 11/05 I-O after messing around with the PDP
      8e's OS/8 and BASIC
      Bill restored an IBM 20MB drive with a stiction problem.

      Lunch at Washington St. Ale house.