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17997August 28(/29?) -- Workshop (Wilmington, Delaware)

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  • Bill Degnan
    Aug 17, 2010
      August 28(/29?) -- Workshop (Wilmington, Delaware)

      Just a reminder. I will be there all day Sat in the least, Sunday if there
      is interest. Come on down and bring your projectwork. Any project is
      welcome, but bring your own tools. Parking is free, loading in is
      relatively easy. If you have a folding table, bring it.

      Personally I plan to:
      1. Play Adventure! on the PDP 8e
      2. Make some vids of hardware hacking in general
      3, Test disk drives, hard drives, repair, and inventory them. I am always
      looking for more drives.
      4. Diagnose a PDP 11/40 power supply issue, try to at least id the

      I will change plans based on the circumstances.

      I bought a cheap 8650 comms card that was OEM'd out the wazoo and restored
      it to act as a 9600 baud card with standard port assignments. So far it
      appears that I will now be able to play Adenture! for more than a 1/2 hour
      without screen I/O spazzing out. Quite happy!

      If you're coming, let me know what day and when.

      103 W. 7th St
      Wilmington, DE 19801