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1781Re: UPDATE: DEC stuff from Pearl River

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  • john_apw
    Nov 11, 2005
      Hi John,

      I'll go back and check - I've had a number of urgent things going on
      this week (it's been a lot busier week than I've had in a long
      while) and I'm sure some things have slipped through the cracks...
      My apologies in advance.

      From what Norm said, the 1173 you have is the one that is configured
      for the floppy and would be easiest to boot together with the stuff
      I'm bringing. Without it, it sounded like the stuff I'm bringing
      won't be of much use. Please bring them if at all humanly possible!

      With the trips I've been making to InfoAge recently, I've realized
      that it doesn't really seem like a long trip, as long as you keep
      thinking of all the computers you're going to be able to play with!

      -John M.

      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, "John Allain" <allain@p...>
      > > they are already configured to all work together. (John, am I
      > > in my understanding that you will be bringing these units on
      > This should be fun, I'm over at my parents right now and will be
      > out on Saturday to infoAge. If I can make it back to my house
      I'll put the
      > two back in to go. That may make 3 11/73's I think. One that
      Fred may
      > have, one that you have and one here. I eMailed you Monday,
      > where that went?
      > I can see lots of trips to infoAge for me, and I'm 45 miles
      farther than
      > you.
      > There are a few details with these systems, plan on another visit
      at least.
      > John A.
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