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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 15, 2010
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      I forgot to mention -- Dave Sica brought us more goodies -- including a box of stringy floppies, a copy of a TX-0 description document (MIT Lincoln Labs), GENIAC document, and several mid/late-1970s computer books.

      This morning I gave a museum tour to the chairman and historian of the IEEE 802 committee.  They both were impressed with what we've done, not just in the computer section but as InfoAge overall.  They're considering helping us with our upcoming exhibit about the history of networking.

      Then, tonight, MARCHin Dave Sica hosted a meeting for an audio-video user group, so I gave a tour to four people from that group.  It also went well.

      In the daytime, Steve and I cleaned up more of our new museum space.  After the evening tour, Jeff F. came over and we cleaned even more.  Fred treated us to dinner.

      There are only a few more things to clear out, but they're large cabinets and stuff, so Fred will have InfoAge's hired laborers do that job.

      When it's done we will move on to painting the floor.
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