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17422pics...Re: [midatlanticretro] Cromemco D+7A board wanted

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  • Dan Roganti
    Jun 7, 2010

      I found another pic from VCF East 6.0
      This has the two joysticks, mine and Bill's replica


      Bill Sudbrink wrote:
      Cromemco D+7A board wanted
      The tough part of making a Cromemco joystick console repro is finding the
      actual joystick module.  After a lot of looking, I found that Futaba T5 series
      RC model transmitters have joystick modules with the correct pot values and
      look about right.  I showed my Cromemco loaded IMSAI chassis at VCF East
      last year.  I think there are some pictures on the web somewhere that show
      how my repros turned out.  Oh, one other thing, if you find a D+7A without
      the edge connector, I have a spare.
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      All --

          After the CP/M workshop, I decided to pull out one of my Dazzler boards to see if it worked. The board I pulled out works (with an old Apple composite monitor) so I’d like to locate a D+7A digital/analog board used for the joystick interface. Does anyone have a spare working board they’d be willing to part with? I also have to see if I have the parts to make the JS joystick console.

          I haven’t tried to load-up any of the Dazzler programs yet but I plan on doing that this week and I’ll report back.

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