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1738UPDATE: DEC stuff from Pearl River

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  • john_apw
    Nov 10, 2005
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      Hiya all!

      I picked up the rest of the DEC equipment being donated to the museum
      by Norm Canfield. I'll be brining it all down on Saturday, and would
      appreciate help unloading!

      Norm says we ought to be able to get the machine running pretty easily,
      provided we use the 1173 and floppy that John Allain picked up, since
      they are already configured to all work together. (John, am I correct
      in my understanding that you will be bringing these units on Saturday?)

      Anyway, since I'm not a DEC person, I'm not completely sure what-all is
      in the car. IIRC, there are one or two tape drives (one has a contoller
      board), a box of misc boards (including boards for a machine Norm
      didn't have), a couple of DEC and Diablo printers (some with spare
      ribbons), another 1173 that Norm says will take a lot of effort to
      configure, a box of mag tapes, a tower case for the 1173, and a bunch
      of documentation. I have to leave it to you DECkies to sort it all out.
      And (except for this Sat when he'll be unavailable at a family
      function) Norm will be happy to consult with you via phone, if you need
      his help.

      Bottom line: with all Norm's stuff together, we should have a running
      DEC system pretty easily and quickly.

      If it fits the plan for Saturday's tasks, I for one would like to see
      what all this stuff I've been hauling around can actually do!

      See you Saturday!

      -John M.
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