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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 3, 2010
      So, our next big event is The Next HOPE, July 16-18, Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City.

      As usual, due to the logistics of NYC itself, MARCH will only be there on Saturday, July 17.  But we can and should be there all day long, as HOPE is a 24-hour event.

      This year, myself and BillDeg will give a "local history" talk, similar to (but more technical than) the same talk we gave at Trenton this year.

      Also, HOPE is giving us a 16x19 space.  It's in a different location vs. our space in '06 and '08, but Bernie says it will give us more foot traffic, so that's good.  Also it is adjacent to the Hackerspaces area, which is exactly our kind of people.

      Bernie also says it's cool for us to do fundraising there.  We hope to have a full-color MARCH poster ready by the end of this month.  We expect the poster to be a hot seller, and bring some extra revenue to the club.  We'll also probably sell it by ebay, our web site, and in the museum itself to maximize the impact.

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