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  • evan@snarc.net
    Jun 2, 2010
      Hi all --

      The MARCH officers (me, Andy Meyer, Bill Degnan, Justin Jernigan) spent Wed. afternoon meeting at Infoage. We also met with Fred.

      Bill and Justin will send list messages in the next few days/weeks, detailing their respective plans to lead exciting new MARCH projects.

      Meanwhile, Fred reiterated some important points for our club and museum.

      For example, he stressed that even though MARCH can't contribute as much money as bigger clubs like NJARC, we're making a unique contribution by building the museum that's most relevant to modern visitors (especially kids).

      He noted that we bring the kind of expertise that money can't buy, and that our exhibits, events, and solid record of being good Infoage citizens is worth far more than any check we write. We supply far more value to Infoage by eliminating the need for professional consultants and exhibit designers than we ever could by paying for sheetrock or kicking in to utility bills.

      So, as we build "Museum 2.0", our primary obligation to Infoage is the same as it always was: do the best damn job we can within our skill set.

      The only major Fred-mandated difference this time around, which MARCH fully supports, is that we need to do better at making our exhibits educational for all levels. As I explained last week, our plan for this is to have three levels of educational lessons for each exhibit, and compile those into a freely available document.

      We'll still have the systems, etc., and we'll still have our strong restoration focus. But we'll expand into teaching the context, not just the artifacts, and we'll do better at making self-interpretive exhibits.

      First, however, we've got to clean and prepare our new space! I'll send a separate email about this. Our initial plan is to clear the entire space of assorted Infoage "stuff"; vigorously mop and/or sweep the floor; and then paint the floor with moisture sealant. There were some suggestions that we should sandblast or powerwash the floor, and we'll look into those ideas, but we're strongly leaning toward the K.I.S.S. method.

      - Evan
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