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17368Re: [midatlanticretro] Cromemco D+7A board wanted

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  • Richard Cini
    Jun 2, 2010
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      Re: [midatlanticretro] Cromemco D+7A board wanted That’s a good picture. What kind of color monitor is that?

      On 6/2/10 8:37 PM, "Bill Sudbrink" <wh.sudbrink@...> wrote:


      None of my pictures of last year's VCF East turned out but here is a pretty good picture
      of my Cromemco loaded IMSAI, running kscope and showing the joysticks:



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      From  Dan's measurement of his original, combined with the test procedure in the  assembly

      instructions, 5k Ohm.  The Futaba joystick pots are 5k and work  with all of the original

      software I've been able to run on them.  If you keep an eye on  ebay, you can get a transmitter

      much  cheaper than what Mouser or Digi-Key charges.  Also, how close are you  looking to

      come  in terms of physical reproduction?  When I built mine, there was nothing  physically

      close available new retail.  Hammond still makes a very close  enclosure, both in terms of

      dimensions and color.


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      What  is the resistance on the pots? Both Mouser and Digi-Key have suitable pots —  not vintage, but workable. I’m guessing 10k, which looks to be pretty  common. I remember that Rat Shack had them long ago...need to dig in my  boxes.

      On 6/1/10 8:33 AM, "Bill Sudbrink" <wh.sudbrink@...>  wrote:

      The tough  part of making a Cromemco joystick console repro is finding the
      actual  joystick module.  After a lot of looking, I found that Futaba T5  series
      RC model transmitters have joystick modules with the correct pot  values and
      look about right.  I showed my Cromemco loaded IMSAI  chassis at VCF East
      last year.  I think there are some pictures on  the web somewhere that show
      how my repros turned out.  Oh, one  other thing, if you find a D+7A without
      the edge connector, I have a  spare.

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      Subject:  [midatlanticretro] Cromemco D+7A board  wanted

      All   --

          After the CP/M workshop, I  decided to pull  out one of my Dazzler boards to see if it worked.  The board I pulled out works  (with an old Apple composite monitor)  so I’d like to locate a D+7A  digital/analog board used for the  joystick interface. Does anyone have a spare  working board they’d  be willing to part with? I also have to see if I have the  parts to  make the JS joystick console.

          I   haven’t tried to load-up any of the Dazzler programs yet but I  plan on doing  that this week and I’ll report   back.



      Rich  Cini
      Collector of Classic Computers
      Build Master and lead engineer,  Altair32 Emulator



      Rich Cini
      Collector of Classic Computers
      Build Master and lead engineer, Altair32 Emulator
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