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17337Re: [midatlanticretro] Our new museum plan

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  • Dan Roganti
    May 27, 2010

      Looking good !
      I can't wait to see it

      One thing about the History of Graphics exhibit in the App section. Don't neglect there's a list of hardware that should be recognized that enabled graphics on computers from the beginning, it's not only software, even though you have it in the software section.


      Evan Koblentz wrote:
      Hi, everybody! ("Hi, Doctor Nick!")

      Throughout the past week, a plan for MARCH's new museum layout emerged from the remote corners of my head; was improved and accepted by the other club officers (VP Andy Meyer, VP BillDeg, treasurer Justin J.); and tonight it was approved by Fred @ InfoAge.

      Some background for newer MARCHins:
      - Club formed in late 04 / early 05
      - Club joined InfoAge in spring 05
      - Club opened our first museum (one 10x12 room!) in ... I forget when; either 06 or 07
      - Club expanded museum to a double-size room in 08
      - Club expanded museum to four rooms (approx. 900 sq. ft.) in 09

      Now, starting in a few weeks and continuing throughout the summer, we're moving again.  This time we're moving to one of InfoAge's massive H-buildings.  Our new home is designated as building #9010-C.

      This picture shows our history:

      The yellow circle was our original small room; red oval is our current location; blue rectangle is our new/future home.

      The new area is one long half of a 58x120 building.  We may also get the other half, but Fred wants us to do this part first, then we'll see.  Fair enough.

      The layout is here:

      Keep in mind this is an * approximate * layout.  Some things will probably change, but the basic ideas will remain the same.

      There are three major hardware sections -- minicomputers, microcomputers, and Big Iron (primarily our UNIVAC.)  There are also four themed sections -- "Information Age" (storage, networking, components); "App Store" (software, graphics, programming); "Time Machine" (number systems, mechanical computing, modern history); and People's Computer Company (in homage to the organization of the same name: homebrew computing, portable computing; MARCH members' exhibit).

      The entire museum will be surrounded by a maintenance corridor, with emergency exits on both ends and in the back.  BTW, the main entrance will be a large opening, not just a door.

      The inside of our museum won't have any formal walls.  Just lots of dividers and "virtual" dividers; i.e. some exhibits will naturally be distinct from others.

      InfoAge will help us construct a simple fence-height wall between the hallway and our museum.

      This section of building 9010-C is already almost empty.  We'll finish emptying it in the weeks ahead.  When it's empty, we will prepare the floor (clean, maybe paint, possibly even sandblast).  When the floor is done, we'll paint some of the columns and such, which is a * quick and simple * endeavor.  The good news is there are NO WALLS TO PAINT!  This is one giant open area.

      When we start building the exhibits, we'll do the minicomputers exhibit first.  That's because Fred wants to drop the ceiling and renovate our current minicomputer exhibit.  So by doing this exhibit first, we're helping InfoAge with another project.

      Throughout the museum, as much as possible, our exhibits will be mobile.  We'll make extensive use of pallets and wheeled platforms.  This is by direction of Fred.

      Each exhibit will have a couple of bullet point "lesson plans" for children, non-techie adults, and technical-minded adults.  We'll make these lessons available to school groups, etc.

      I think we can finish Version 1.0 of this new museum by the end of this summer or early fall.  I'm hopeful that Fred will allow us to use the opposite side of the hallway for our "visible storage" exhibit and for our library.  (In the meantime, InfoAge has LOTS of file cabinets, which we have permission to use as section dividers -- and we can economically use the insides for magazine storage, small parts, software, etc.)

      So, that's our new plan.  It's very exciting because we will raise the bar to a new place for other InfoAge museums.  And at the end of each museum day, we can simple slide a gate in front of our main entrance, thereby securing the entire museum, even if people need to pass through our hallway.

      This section has a brand new roof and brand new windows.  InfoAge is also taking bids for HVAC.  So it's got good infrastructure.

      All feedback is welcome.  Keep in mind that the exact section names, etc. are not carved in stone.  Right now it's just to show everyone our general plan.

      The details about the contents of each specific exhibit will be decided later.

      - Evan

      PS - InfoAge is beginning a large "junk organizing" project starting this Saturday.  This includes our new museum section.  So, it's in MARCH's best interest if as many people as possible come to help.

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