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17033Not vintage, but anyone need an IBM PS/2 Model 30?

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  • Justin Jernigan
    May 3, 2010
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      It is Bill Degnan's nightmare, in that it is filthy, and that might be an understatement, but it is fully functional. It actually isn't bad inside the case, but the outside needs some TLC in the form or a wet rag and maybe some 409.

      PS/2 Model 30 (IBM 8530) date code 08/89 with 'matching' IBM VGA (8513001) monitor, 1MB memory (2x 256x9 30 pin parity simms), 20MB hard drive - loaded with PC-DOS 3.3 and some other 3 or 4 MB of goodies that a local government agency left behind. PS/2 clicky keyboard, 720k 3.5" drive. Did I mention everything works?

      Free to good home! I am in Central NJ, near Princeton for pick-up. Shipping? Maybe, but I hate to ship a CRT. Hold until the next MARCH event @ InfoAge? Possibly. Pictures? You are pushing your luck, but e-mail me if you want same BlackBerry snapshots of it.