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17018Re: [midatlanticretro] seeking TRS-80 expert!

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  • B Degnan
    May 1, 2010
      BobShuster wrote:
      > Any TRS-80 aficionados in the Philadelphia/Montgomery County area available to help me out with some new acquisitions? The former prez of the PACS TRS-80 sig gave me his complete collection last week. Among the items:
      > TRS-80 Model IV - apparently tricked out - has dual slimline DSDD floppies, hirez board, 128K RAM, Z80B cpu (5.9MHz), I don't know what else...
      > Tandy 15 Meg Hard Disk System - unsure of working condition. The case is immaculate, and it sounds like the drive is spinning up.
      > Custom 15 Meg hard drive. Looks professionally made, but looks like a one-off. Also sounds like it spins up.
      > Three Model 100 portables - plus a bunch of extra ROM and/or RAM upgrades.
      > He also gave me tons of manuals and other documentation, and tons of software, plus of course whatever is on the hard drives if I can get them working.
      > Does playing with this stuff sound like fun to anyone? :) I also have two Model IIIs and two Model Is I'd like to try and get up and running... Even some phone help would be appreciated. Thanks. - Bob
      I would be up for a Tandy workshop, but the next gathering is to be
      scheduled at InfoAge and to work on MARCH equipment only. If you can
      get started by organizing everything, checking voltages of the various
      equipment, etc maybe we can help remotely...Kelly is our resident Tandy
      expert...Kelly you out there?

      I have a number of model 1's and a model II that need work, my newer
      stuff is all ok, having replaced three drives recently. I know that
      march has a model I, not sure if it works. I would be available
      mid-later in the summer to host a Tandy workshop in Wilmington if there
      is enough interest.

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