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17017seeking TRS-80 expert!

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  • BobShuster
    May 1, 2010
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      Any TRS-80 aficionados in the Philadelphia/Montgomery County area available to help me out with some new acquisitions? The former prez of the PACS TRS-80 sig gave me his complete collection last week. Among the items:

      TRS-80 Model IV - apparently tricked out - has dual slimline DSDD floppies, hirez board, 128K RAM, Z80B cpu (5.9MHz), I don't know what else...

      Tandy 15 Meg Hard Disk System - unsure of working condition. The case is immaculate, and it sounds like the drive is spinning up.

      Custom 15 Meg hard drive. Looks professionally made, but looks like a one-off. Also sounds like it spins up.

      Three Model 100 portables - plus a bunch of extra ROM and/or RAM upgrades.

      He also gave me tons of manuals and other documentation, and tons of software, plus of course whatever is on the hard drives if I can get them working.

      Does playing with this stuff sound like fun to anyone? :) I also have two Model IIIs and two Model Is I'd like to try and get up and running... Even some phone help would be appreciated. Thanks. - Bob
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