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16963Re: [midatlanticretro] museum / revenue ideas

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  • Bill Dromgoole
    Apr 25, 2010
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      What do we have? I've never seen a list.
      The online computer database linked to on MARCH's home page is useless in my
      I guess I'm not smart enough to use it.
      How about a simple list in alphabetic order by manufacturer.


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      Hi all,

      Bill Deg. had a good idea for how MARCH can raise some money.

      Back at VCF East 5.0, we sold any computer where we owned more than three: it's
      good to have a primary, a backup, and a backup to the backup. But it's silly to
      own more than three of anything. We sold those (mostly common stuff) for
      rock-bottom untestedprices.

      Bill's idea is that we can test, document, and sell such redundant systems via
      eBay. That's a good way for MARCHins to practice their repair skills, the club
      makes a few bucks, and we even get back some storage space.

      Some things we will NEVER sell because they came from Mr. Grabbe; or they have
      some special meaning; etc. ... but if we have nine Apple II+ systems or a
      "version three" of something (our Cromemco 2ZH comes to mind) then we're sitting
      on revenue, technical training, and valuable space.

      So: Bill and I will select items that are good candidates for repair and sale.
      Then we'll seek club members who are able and willing to do the work. Those who
      assist will receive a portion of each sale revenue, as will InfoAge -- i.e. 60%
      for MARCH, 20% each to the member who repaired it and to InfoAge.

      Meanwhile, Dan "Ragooman" is whipping up some MARCH poster ideas that we can
      sell to the general public.

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